With their lightning-fast speeds, solid state drives (SSDs) are a vast improvement on disk drives. Here's what to look for when you have a slow Samsung solid state drive, and how to get the right solutions. Samsung's slow history with SSD updates.
HP's Portable SSD P500 is an attractive, compact external SSD with a rugged aluminum body. It’s a good basic choice for everyday use, but don’t expect anything like cutting-edge speeds.
Poor performance and slow speeds with an M.2 SSD installed in the Intel® NUC Kit. The speed is about half of what is expected. Speed is 1500MB/s or lower, when it should be over 3000 MB/s.
Aug 16, 2018 · When I overclock the memory to 3200 (very stable), CPU to 4GHz (shockingly easy and very stable), Atto and AS-SSD improve to 2.5GB/s writes, 2.4GB/s reads. That's a pretty amazing differenc, but still very slow reads compared to the 3.5GB/s reads that I'd expect.