recently watched programs, favorite channels, recommendations and your Watchlist, which selected to watch at a later time. GUIDE The Guide lets you see what’s playing on each channel. You can use it to find program listings, view program descriptions, set DVR recordings (if you have a DVR), order Pay-Per-View titles and more.
I've got a number of files from "On my iPad" deleted and currently in the "Recently deleted" section of the Files app.
One way seems to be to go into the settings, storage, tv app, find what you've watched and delete it that way. So far it seems when they designed the app they designed it around everyone only streaming, not downloading, so there doesn't seem to be an easy way to remove content through the app.
May 23, 2020 · Go through the list and click the remove icon next to each title. Even if you don’t have the Netflix app on your smartphone, you can use these steps on a browser app too. Either way, this is how to delete ‘Continue Watching’ on Netflix. Doing this on the mobile app is slightly different. How to Delete Viewing Activity on Mobile