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59 93 12. Cube Play Colorful. 54 57 1. Cube Six Gambling Play. 35 6 64. Roll The Dice Poker. 57 20 84. ... Dice 9 Sides Game Luck. 65 9 64. Dice Gamble Game Luck. 124 ...
The picture shows a 12-sided dice formed from two 6-sided pyramids joined at their hexagonal bases. Perhaps we should call it a bi-hexahedral dice. If we used pentagons then the bi-pyramidal dice would be 10-sided. It would be useful for generating random numbers up to 10.
Two dice bar chart - draws a bar chart to show the result of rolling two dice 150 times. How likely? - If the probability of an event is 0.5, how likely would 12 successes out of 20 trials be? Use this interactivity to find the answer to this and other questions.