Mar 26, 2020 · During DNA replication, there are a set of single-stranded binding proteins that are used to stabilize the separated strands. DNA replication occurs each time a cell divides. During this process, a cell duplicates its chromosomal DNA into separate cells with the same genetic information in a process known as chromosome segregation.
Chapter 16 The Molecular Basis of Inheritance (with modifications by Patrick Wagner)
Answer to Q4.2. In the diagram below showing four DNA replication bubbles, RNA primers are shown as red while DNA is black. Which bubble has the correct 5' and
SUMMARY Structured forms of DNA with intrastrand pairing are generated in several cellular processes and are involved in biological functions. These structures may arise on single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) produced during replication, bacterial conjugation, natural transformation, or viral infections. Furthermore, negatively supercoiled DNA can extrude inverted repeats as hairpins in structures ...