Jan 01, 2018 · Gibson Assembly cloning applied to allelic exchange mutagenesis is represented schematically in Fig. 1. Primer sequences used for GA of mutagenic plasmids are listed in Table 1. For ΔmutS::cat(Cm R), the first 651 bp of S. iniae QMA0248 mutS gene was replaced in-frame by cat gene (Cm R).
Feb 25, 2012 · For such purpose, and if needed, other technologies will be required such as those described by Gibson et al., or Itaya et al. 1, 12 – 16 What Golden Gate cloning and the MoClo system are designed to achieve is to allow combinatorial assembly of multiple genetic elements to make libraries of variant multigene constructs from which to select ...
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Gibson Assembly ® cloning, developed by the J. Craig Venter Institute and Synthetic Genomics, allows for insertion of DNA fragments into virtually any vector without the need for compatible restriction sites. Join any two fragments to generate seamless constructs in your desired vector. Significantly faster than traditional cloning methods