Researchers and practitioners in fields as diverse as anthropology, education, nursing, psychology, sociology, and marketing regularly use qualitative methods to address questions about people's ways of organizing, relating to, and interacting with the world.
that adequate resources are available to carry out the research. If not, modifications will have to be made to design the research to fit the available resources. 5. Select Research Procedure: a. Selection of treatment design is very crucial and can make the difference between success or failure in achieving the objectives.
Nov 01, 2020 · Strengths of Using Qualitative Methods The advantage of using qualitative methods is that they generate rich, detailed data that leave the participants' perspectives intact and provide multiple contexts for understanding the phenomenon under study.
Marketing research can use either qualitative or quantitative data collection methods. But if you want to figure out how your clients react to your products and marketing strategy , this quantitative research of consumer’s attitude towards food products advertising could be your guide.