To do this, follow these steps: On the KMS host, start Registry Editor. Locate and then select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SL subkey. In the Details pane, right-click a blank area, select New, and then select Multi-String Value.
Nov 13, 2017 · Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2018 Full Free Download. Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2017 v3.6 speedily activate any version of windows operating system.
Use the clickhouse-backup server command to run as a REST API server. In general, the API attempts to mirror the CLI commands. GET /backup/tables. Print list of tables: curl -s localhost:7171/backup/tables | jq . POST /backup/create. Create new backup: curl -s localhost:7171/backup/create -X POST | jq .
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